The Street Smarts MBA

The Street Smarts MBA

Generate More Demand for Your Services, Win More Clients in Less Time, and Increase Your Profits.

Welcome To A Networking Community Like No Other.

We bring together professional service leaders -- dynamic business coaches, wealth-creating advisors, remarkable accountants, and incredible small business leaders -- who specialize in transforming lives.

We're here to generate MORE demand for our services, create our own rules of success, master proven growth strategies, build networking connections, and grow with other leaders so that we can buy what we want and do what we want... whenever we want to.

No more distracting social groups that dump useless content and ads on you everyday.

No more struggling to meet networking connections.

No more feeling alone, invisible, unstructured, stuck, disorganized, and overwhelmed.

No more inaccessible leaders that blast out inspirational quotes, but have no time to answer your questions live.

No more struggling with how to stand out in the sea of sameness. Discover how to stop competing on price and commoditized services.

No more risking your marketing budget on questionable tactics.

Together we empower you to build a market dominating system to get booked by your most profitable prospects, increase demand for your services, grow your income, expand your network, and make your competition irrelevant.

The new economy is here where increasing recurring profits, creating strategic alliances, and winning long-term client relationships that's enjoyable, profitable, transformational, and valuable will be essential.

We attract professional service leaders who will do whatever it takes to get booked, stay booked, and win new business with their most profitable prospects.

Discover A Better Way To Generate MORE Demand for Your Services -

➕ Implement a work-smarter-not-harder strategy to attract your most profitable prospects using the Conversion Equation.

➕ Pivot your marketing and messaging without having to overhaul your entire website (and make your competition irrelevant!).

➕ Create a sales strategy that converts your hesitant prospects into clients by activating Payday Conversations.

➕ Discover how to build a recurring revenue business model.

➕ Capture time to enjoy life and achieve your goals.

➕ Access a community of professionals that will hold you accountable to crush the fear, stress and overwhelm that's paralyzing you from winning.

Build strategic partnerships, joint venture alliances, and payday communities that support you through referrals. 

➕ Access weekly strategies to stop procrastinating, gain momentum, and focus on revenue-generating activities.

➕ Join our weekly Street Smarts MBA Live events and get your burning business questions answered by Hugh & Sonia.

Get inspired by the insider stories, ideas, and strategies of other successful professional service leaders like you. 

 Watch member spotlights about the contributions of our most active, encouraging, and helpful members (this could be you!).

What Else Is In It For You?

Inside the Street Smarts MBA you will experience the incredible value of community, accountability, and collaboration like no other.

How Important Is It For You To 

Stand out from the competition (and make them irrelevant)...

... confirm your website and landing pages maximizes the conversion equation,

... activate payday conversations with your most profitable clients,

... be apart of a networking community filled with your ideal centers of influence,

... increase demand for your most profitable services,

 ... and shifts your revenue model to attract a new segment of clients?

Join a network of professionals that will show you how to succeed in any economy.

The STREET SMARTS MBA Community can help your business grow in ways you can't do alone.

If you're ready to take action, support your fellow members, make the personal commitment to try new things, trash what's not working, do the growth-work, build the weekly habits, cultivate networking connections, let go of outdated methods, and consistently show up --- the community will pay you in unexpected dividends (hint: purpose, profits, and partnerships).

For now, we're offering you a free 7-day guest trial access to join a community of professional service leaders focused on revenue, results and networking with centers of influence.


See you inside!

- Hugh Tafel + Sonia Dumas

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